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The museum has about five thousand kokeshi dolls on display. Most of the dolls
were donated by Mr. Kaname Fuzakawa, an expert on Japanese Kokeshi dolls.
Visitors can watch local craftsmen making the wooden dolls, and can also try their
hand at painting dolls themselves. Besides Kokeshi dolls, the craftsmen also make 
wooden toys. These include "spinning tops" and other traditional Japanese toys.


The art of making kokeshi dolls is passed on from master craftsmen to their
apprentices. They are made from the wood of maple and dogwood trees. The
craftsman first selects the tree from which the wood used to make the dolls is
taken. After the wood is cured, itis turned on a lathe and polished to a fine finish.
Finally the dolls are painted.

The museum has a shop which sells kokeshi dolls and toys made by local
craftsmen.The dolls come in various shapes and sizes. They range in height from
6.5cm ( 2 1/2ins ) to 36cm ( 14 1/8ins ).
If you would like to purchase one or more of our dolls, here's what you should do.
Send us an email specifying which ones you want, by quoting the number under 
each picture, plus how many.
eg (1) x2
(10) x1
(24) x 3
State whether you want them sent by air or seamail.
We will then inform you of the cost, plus postage fees.
Please forward an International Postal Money Order to us and we will send the 
dolls on to you.

Our postal address is;

Nihon Kokeshi Kan
Shitomae 74-2,
Miyagi ken
Japan 989-6827